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What’s in my bag?? A List of Travel Essentials

You are about to travel…What do you take with you in your travel bag? After years of traveling I have made a list of essential items that I can not travel without. Do you have a list of essential travel must-haves? I have my list below.


1. Laptop / Tablet – Whether it is for work or personal travel my laptop or tablet is one of the most essential traveling items. Being able to post, email, or get more information on local places to visit is the primary reason for me to keep my laptop close by. I also use my tablet for note taking on different places I stumble upon to make sure I mention them in my blog.

2. Studio Beats Noise Canceling Headphones – These headphones are comfortable and they easily over any size ear and the sound that come out of these headphones are amazing as you will fill like you are in a concert (so be sure not to turn the volume on full blast). They are  totally noise cancelling and they suffice for plane rides short or long, and they are very comfortable.

3. Passport – Probably the most essential item on this list. For travel within the U.S. you don’t need to carry it, but leaving outside of the country you need it everywhere. I once flew into Detroit and forgot that I was heading into Ontario, Canada and could not cross the border because I did not have my passport. Talking about stressful and embarrassing

4. Camera – Another must have item. How will you be able to capture your memories without a camera? Whether it’s the camera on your smartphone for those candid pics or your mirrorless / DSLR for the more thoughtful shots. I typically carry my Sony A55 or A5100 with me everywhere I go.

5. GoPro – This little camera something that I have been recently getting in back of the habit of bringing. I typically will use my GoPro for local excursions or trips to the beach but its a very good idea to bring it with you for those crazy adventures you might experience. Do not forget to get the necessary extensions for it!


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