3 Places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most popular city in the Netherlands as well as being the capital city. This city is known for it’s diversity, canals, and coffee shops but I have listed a few that I had a chance to experienced when I visited this wonderful international city.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank’s House

Most people have heard of Anne Frank, and if you haven’t I would recommend visiting her house which is now a museum which you can walk through and get a better appreciation of what this teenager and her family endured during the German occupation of Amsterdam during World War II. The house is located in Prinsengracht which is central Amsterdam, but to avoid the long lines get there very early

Van Gogh Musuem

Van Gogh painting at the Van Gogh Musuem

Bedroom In Arles, 1888, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum is a site that you will not regret visiting. This museum takes the visitor into the world of Vincent Van Gogh one of the most famous Dutch artist and his famous art.  The museum is a very large area that showcases the artist and the different stages of his life as well as his paintings. The ground floor has a gift shop where you can buy all things Van Gogh including life sized reprints of his art. The musuem is located in the Museumplein  (Musuem Square) area of Amsterdam

Magna Plaza

Swarovski Boutique Magna Plaza - Binnenstand, Amsterdam

Swarovski Boutique Magna Plaza – Binnenstand, Amsterdam

Magna Plaza Shopping center is located in central Amsterdam close to the Royal Palace. At first glance the building which was built in the mid-1800’s looks like a royal castle itself but it was once the main post office. This mall has many shops and boutiques for those who love to shop.










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