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Nervous Flyer? 5 Great Tips To Calm Your Nerves

I have a secret that will be a small shock to some of you. What is this secret?

I’m a very nervous flyer. Even though I’ve been flying a very long time, I still get nervous before a flight. Whether it’s a short flight or a long international flight, as soon as I get to the airport the nerves start to kick in. Over the years I have developed a list that I follow to help me beat the travel jitters. Maybe this list can help you? What are somethings you do to relax before traveling?

1. Pack early – packing at the last minutes causes me to get anxious and I tend to forget something if I wait until the day before to pack. Give yourself at least two days to pack, this should give you enough time to think abou that exactly what you need for that trip.

2. Get to the airport early – the standard check-in time for a domestic flights in the US is 2 hours, the check-in time for international is typically 3 hours. Getting to the airport with ample time will let you get through those crazy security lines without having to rush to your gate.

3. Listen to relaxing music – If you follow the first two steps and getting to security, now it’s time to relax. You can do this by listening to your favorite music as this will help ease you into a relaxed mindset while waiting to board your flight.

4. Grab something to eat – Typically this is one of the first actions on my list when I get to the airport. Flying on an empty stomach is a non starter for me and I find that once I eat something it helps relax my mind as well as my stomach.

5. Wait until your boarding group has been announced until you get in line – This one is something that I have figured out that helps me tremendously. I use to be the person who would jump in the line before my boarding group was called and anxiously wait until it was my turn to board, but over time I felt like doing this just made me more nervous and put me into a non-relaxed state of mind. Just waiting for your group to be called will keep you calm and you will be the better for it.

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