Travel Tips


Galveston Seawall

  1. Decide what type of pictures you want to take on your trip
    • This will give you an idea of how to tell your story of your experience
  2. Do some research on the location you will be visiting
    • This will give you a good idea of where and what you want to photograph. It will also keep you out of locations that may not be the safest, especially in countries where you are not familiar. Another reason this is important is because you can plan on telling your story differently from everyone else through your photography. When I travel I will typically will write down a list of places I want to photograph to give my audience a view into my experience at that particular location.
  3. Make sure you have your camera or smartphone
    • I know this sounds crazy, but how many times have we left out of the house and forgot something really important? I know for me it’s been plenty. I always make sure that never leave home without my Sony A55 or Sony A5100. On some travels I will bring my GoPro camera (mainly for beach and ocean travels).MISC
  4. Bring the right lens(es) for the trip
    • For any travel experience you need the right lens. Bringing your 50mm lens will work great for portaits, but what about landscapes? For that you will need to bring a wide angle lens. If you are going to be snapping photos of wildlife you will need a telephoto lens.
  5. Take pics of something different
    • Just taking pictures of the traditional landmarks are nice, but to really stand out try taking pictures of interesting places outside of those landmarks.

George Bush Park Canal

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