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4 Things to do to pass the time at the airport

As an avid traveler I get to spend a lot of time in airports and if you aren’t prepared you an find yourself bored and restless. Below are 4 things you can do to pass the time away at airports while waiting for your flight.


Go Shopping – Most airports have some kind of shopping area that you can enjoy while waiting for your flight, whether you are looking for the latest fashions, top of the line electronics, or getting deals at the duty-free shops (if you are traveling internationally) this will surely pass the time away.

Have a nice meal – I know when I get to the airport in my hometown most of the time I am hungry and look to get a nice meal at the many places that are available to me. I make it a point to try something different depending on the terminal that I fly out of.

Catch up on reading – On my table (one of my essential travel items) I have over 200 books to choose from. To me there is nothing better than getting to the airport, making my way through security and getting to the gate so I can catch up on the many books that I promised myself that I would read.

Listen to music – Some days the best way to pass the time waiting for your flight is to have a seat at your gate and listen to your favorite traveling music. For me anything Emily King sings takes me to a relaxed and sleepy place at the airport. Pick your favorite artist, make a mix, and enjoy.


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